Biostatistics and Clinical Research Methodology Unit
  1. What are the main areas which BCRMU can provide help?

BCRMU provides expert advice on various aspects of biostatistics and clinical research methodology to support research activities, including but not limited to grant application and manuscript preparation.

  1. What type of statistical supports are offered by BCRMU?
    BCRMU can provide help on
  • Study design – Parallel design, crossover design, adaptive design, withdrawal design, sequential design Questionnaire design – Quantitative and/or qualitative questions related to research interest. Keep your questions focused. Data collection methods by mail, telephone, online, or in-person.
  • Database design – Design case report form (CRF) or eCRF to collect high-quality study data.
  • Sample size estimation – Sample size using 80% power, 90% power. If not enough power, estimate confidence interval based on feasible number of subjects.
  • Randomization strategy – Open label, single blind, double blind
  • Statistical analysis plan – Statistical method to analyze each study outcome, for example two-sample t-test, logistic regression, survival analysis, categorial analysis, etc.
  • Data interpretation – Review analysis results, draw study conclusion, subgroup analysis results discussion/suggestions.

  1. What other services are available apart from the above mentioned?

BCRMU can also help to address reviewer’s comments on statistical analysis methods and data analysis results, serve as a key member on Data Monitoring Committee and Safety Review Committee or even present on grant workshops or research forums.

  1. Who can use the BCRMU service?

All staff and postgraduate students of HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine.

  1. Do I need to pay for BCRMU service?

Technical support and consultancy service for grant applications are provided free of charge to HKUMed Researchers (Fees are covered by LKS Faculty of Medicine).

  1. When should I contact BCRMU?

As soon as you have a valid research idea and have done some literature search to understand the research gap, please contact BCRMU.

  1. Do I need to have the complete draft proposal or manuscript for BCRMU?

No. You don’t need to have a complete draft proposal before you schedule a meeting with us. As long as you have some clear ideas on your research objectives, have done some literature review and can confirm there are some research gaps. BCRMU will review the background information with you and suggest next steps.

  1. What information are needed for sample size estimation?

The primary outcome you are interested, the null hypothesis you plan to test in the study, historical data/pilot data on the primary outcome or similar outcomes.

  1. How long is the estimated lead time?

It normally takes about two weeks for BCRMU to review background information, historical studies and exchange ideas to decide the overall picture of a study proposal.

  1. How to request support?

Please contact us through our website ( or by email to to arrange a meeting.



July 2022